May cover

GigaTera News: May 2017

The GigaTera Reference Book V1.0, which contained examples of various GigaTera lighting installation projects, ... READ MORE

April cover

GigaTera News: April 2017

GigaTera to participate at the World Stadium Congress 2017... READ MORE

March cover

GigaTera News: March 2017

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is one of the largest mobile... READ MORE

February cover

GigaTera News: February 2017

The GigaTera Middle East branch won its first order from the ... READ MORE

January cover

GigaTera News: January 2017

The Vietnam Corporation has been engaged in obtaining orders ... READ MORE

December cover

GigaTera News: December 2016

GigaTera's domestic sales team has received ... READ MORE

November cover

GigaTera News: November 2016

Envirolight attended Electra Mining Africa 2016 ... READ MORE

September cover

GigaTera News: October 2016

Pyeongchang, cross country and biathlon course section lighting install ... READ MORE

September cover

GigaTera News: September 2016

At Evendale CC, we plan to install GigaTera sports ... READ MORE

 August cover

GigaTera News: August 2016

GigaTera's Korean partner Bluekite Inc. won ... READ MORE

July newsletter 2016

GigaTera News: July 2016

The Japan Corporation has received an order for ... READ MORE

June newsletter 2016

GigaTera News: June 2016

GigaTera won an order thanks to ... READ MORE

May newsletter 2016

GigaTera News: May 2016

GigaTera Middle East participated in ... READ MORE

April newsletter 2016

 GigaTera News: April 2016

Our SUFA-A product, installed ... READ MORE


GigaTera News: March 2016

The "Light + Building 2016" exhibit presented by GigaTera EU was a great success ... READ MORE


 GigaTera News: February 2016

Malaysia, LEKAS Highway Launching Ceremony ... READ MORE


GigaTera News: January 2016

Production Building No. 1 that was being constructed ... READ MORE

GigaTera Newsletter 12.

The new year of 2016 has arrived. ... READ MORE

 GigaTera Newsletter 11.

SAGA Awarded the Minister of Trade, Industry ... READ MORE


GigaTera Newsletter 10.

1st Anniversary of GigaTera Newsletter ... READ MORE


GigaTera Newsletter 09.

IES Street and Area Lighting Conference ... READ MORE


GigaTera Newsletter 08.

VMAC, Practice Center of Seahwaks in Washington, USA NANA600 ... READ MORE


GigaTera Newsletter 07.

Test Installation of Street Lighting - in Toshkent, Uzbekistan ... READ MORE


GigaTera Newsletter 06.

Groundbreaking Ceremony for KMW Vietnam Factory ... READ MORE


GigaTera Newsletter 05.

Groundbreaking Ceremony for KMW ... READ MORE


GigaTera Newsletter 04.

Chairman Kim Duk yong
throws the first pitch for the Mariners...


GigaTera Newsletter 03.

Badminton Court, UAE - IBL130W... READ MORE


GigaTera Newsletter 02.

Tennis Court at Homebush in Sydney - SUFA 400W... READ MORE

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GigaTera Newsletter 01.

SUFA 800W Seattle Mariners FanFest... READ MORE

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GigaTera Newsletter 12.

SEGA 100W For factory lighting...READ MORE

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GigaTera Newsletter 11.

Thailand Panya Indra Golf Club. SUFA 400W..READ MORE

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GigaTera Newsletter 10.

Cover Story Aug. 2014 BorussiaMonchenglad
bach Flood Lighting WAPA -Green 100W New.. READ MORE

GigaTera EU_Invitation

GigaTera LED Showroom opens in Germany~!

It’s a great pleasure to announce that KMW
opened their show-room on 08, July, 2013 which is..READ MORE



Tshwane BRT

GigaTera Tswhane BRT

The City of Tshwane commissions prestigious communication enabled streetlighting project on the new Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) System. ...READ MORE


GigaTera LED Products

It was with great pride that the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality (NMBM) recently claimed an international energy efficiency award at the Energie De France energy efficiency competition...READ MORE


GigaTera Take South Africa by storm

The GIGA TERA LED range was initially introduced into the South African lighting market to supplement the successful ES Streetlight. In a short space of time the GIGA TERA lighting range has surpassed all expectations and is now a global leader in LED products.READ MORE



 LED's achieve stadium first...

The Seattle Mariners SAFECO stadium is the first Major League Baseball (MLB) facility illuminated with LED lights..READ MORE