The Envirolight ES range is a revolutionary new energy efficient streetlight for minor roads (SANS 10098 categories A4, B1, B2 B3, C).


  • A 32W, 42W, 57W CFL lamp
  • Lamp life of 30,000 hours to 10% failure
  • Electronic control gear
  • An optimised purpose designed reflector to ensure that all light is directed towards the required target areas.
  • Up to 70% saving on electricity (payback as little as 24months)
  • SABS rated IP 66 housing
  • instant re-strike
  •  full cut-off (no light pollution)
  • Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 85
  • A lightweight construction with a robust and rigidly designed luminaire ensures minimum material for maximum strength and has been designed for a life expectancy in excess of 20 years.
  • Dual Compartment Housing
  • Safety Micro switches
  • Full Cut-Off
  • Airflow filter to prevent ingress of dust
  • Optional Daylight Sensor
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Guarantees

An example of pole spacing:
The ES57 street light achieves improved pole spacing while ensuring compliance with the SANS 10098 standards at a greatly reduced energy usage, a reduced overall system cost and improved quality of light.

Pole spacing to ensure compliance to SANS standard Mounting Height (m)
6 7 8 9
B1 42 45 40 37
B2 47 53 53 60
B3 51 55 55 66


Housing, base and bulkhead:

Mineral filled polypropylene with UV protection with a proprietary UV protection additive package. This material is highly robust and impact resistant and tested to withstand loads in excess of real life requirements.

The material has been tested for UV resistance and excellent results have been obtained over the last 15 years. There is virtually no de-gradation due to UV radiation resulting in a material with a life expectancy of well in excess of 25 years.

Other applications of this material include automotive bumpers as well as external automotive trimming items.


The lens is manufactured from PMMA, an acrylic selected for its inherent qualities. These qualities include strength, high transparency, and resistance to scratching, non- static qualities and long life with no discoloration.

Other applications of this material include automotive taillights, home consumption products and plastic crockery.

Reflector and Lamp holder:

These two components are manufactured from Polycarbonate (GEC Polycarbonate –Lexan).
This material has Smooth molding capabilities with extremely high surface definition needed for a precision reflector. It further accepts high gloss aluminium coatings and is extremely strong and rigid to contribute to the overall product rigidity. It can withstand very high temperatures without deformation and is ideal for this application.


All metalwork is stainless steel to ensure no rust or corrosion.


The weight of the luminaire is ±5kg.


The Envirolight ES range of luminaires use a 4 pin compact fluorescent lamp. These are four pin lamps traditionally powered by electronic ballasts. These lamps do not have an internal starter; therefore the other filament terminals (pins) are made accessible for external connections to the ballast.

Lamps of different manufacturers can be used and the luminaire is specifically designed to use the following lamps:

Philips PL-T
OSRAM/ Sylvania Dulux T/E/IN
GE Biax Q/E

The various manufacturers have different lamp specifications.
Lamps of various colour temperatures can be utilised. By applying the following state of the art modern technologies and innovations i.e.:

  • Modern CFL lamp with high efficacy and high CRI.
  • The most modern Electronic control gear globally.
  • Patented designed modern energy efficient streetlight with a purpose designed modern multi facetted reflector.
  • Modern safety practices.
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and utilizing materials that can be recycled.